Lindt Chocolate & Malteser Bunny Easter Cupcakes


Easter Cupcake

My baking has been a bit off the last couple of weeks and I am not sure if it is the distractions that have hit me off guard or my lack of judgement or concentration in my food – for instance, I managed to bake some horrific hot cross buns this weekend which I threw away because I was that unhappy with them… Lets hope it gets better as I have a big birthday vision to bake for this weekend đŸ™‚ On to my Easter post, last week was a long week both with work and emotionally and so I thought I would put my hardships aside and bake some Easter goodies for my extended team at work. I will be completely honest here and say that the presentation of these cupcakes are fantastic, 10/10 I can quote. I found the recipe from a Lindt Maitre Chocolatier which sounded promising. The icing is interesting, a little tangy but the roasted coconut balances it out. I found the carrot cake cupcake to be a bit bland and not light at all, I really should have used my mom’s amazing carrot cake recipe which I will definitely do next time. What am I trying to say? If you have your own delish cupcake recipe, use that and decorate accordingly… I won’t post the recipe as I wouldn’t recommend using it but you can find it here for your reference. I will, however, share some of my fun photo’s with you. Enjoy!

Easter Cupcakes

Easter Cupcakes

Easter Cupcakes

Easter Cupcakes

Easter Cupcakes

Easter Cupcakes


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