Three. Two. One. Action!


popcorn cake

Birthdays are always exciting times of the year! I definitely love them, whether mine or a close friend, I always look forward to making the day special. Last weekend was one of my closest friend’s birthdays so I wanted to make her a cake that was not only reflective of her but also meant something to the both of us. And so, this is how the idea of the popcorn birthday cake was born 🙂 She loves going to the movies and always has her half salty/half sweet popcorn… Some of my fondest memories with her are just going to the movies and chilling! So, this post is for my Plume Plume! I hope this was a birthday to remember! 🙂

The cake was full of chocolatey flavour with a nutella filling (she is a nutella junkie). The icing was a vanilla frosting. The decorations included white chocolate buttons, tangy strawberry strips and cherry liquorice. The glorious popcorn was caramel and chocolate covered 🙂

popcorn cake

popcorn cake

popcorn cake


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