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A Little Taste of Italy


My little sister has been visiting me over the last two weeks and we have had the opportunity to taste many delish dishes both in London and Berlin which I will be sharing with you over the next few days..

For now though, I will start with a restaurant dear to my heart… I have always shared special moments and scrumptious Italian food at this little gem, Orsini. On a busy street in London, one would think Orsini is a tourist trap.. but that could not be more wrong. The food is made with so much passion and the flavours are incredible! I really LOVE a good pasta but often feel overly full after having one… these portions are just right..   🙂

A couple of snaps below, I had the mixed seafood pasta (Linguine Allo Scoglio) and my sister the clam pasta (Spaghetti Alle Vongole)… the owner and staff are really friendly and we ended up having a slice of birthday cake too (Italian lemon cake – you HAVE to try this when you go)!!


Muriel’s Kitchen… Revisited..


Towards the end of last year a new little gem was to open in South Ken. Every morning on my way to work I would watch in anticipation to see how far they had come with the transformation of what was to become Muriel’s Kitchen.

Based on the idea of endless days in the kitchen around her Grandmother’s cooking, Muriel’s grandaughter opened this little cafe.  As soon as it opened, I found the first free evening after work, rounded up some gal pals and went for dinner… I was so so disappointed and never wanted to return… How could such a gorgeous place get it so wrong.?!? Anyway, My housemate has tried to convince me on countless occasions to go back as she often has lunch there and swears by the food…

So… on Saturday, I decided to take a walk with a friend and give Muriel’s another go… My conclusion, I think the glorious little place got the shock of it’s life when it opened in such a busy area but just needed some time to find her feet and remember what it is all about… Cooking and eating Grandmother’s delish food in a relaxed environment.

I had the Salmon en croute for lunch which was good but not as amazing as the sides… we chose a selection of three; mixed mediterranean greens, mash potato which has some tongue tingling chives mixed in and a beetroot mash with goats cheese (incredible)!! I am DEFINITELY going to try this one at home! (The portions are pretty big so I would recommend two sides to share).

So, I am FINALLY smiling inside at Muriel’s turn around and I can’t wait to peek in the window and sneak in for some wholesome food and quite possibly a slice of cake.. 😉

P.S. I actually went back on Sunday for brunch… A definite must! hehe!