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Valentines Rocky Road



Those of you who are close to me will know that I am possibly one of the most hopelessly romantic people out there… Every year when Valentine’s day comes around, I get a little kooshi and love sick.. and you know what, why not?! 🙂 I had a chat with my dear housemate the other day about relationships. Caring about someone is all about compromise, finding what you both love and finding a way to make it work. FYI girls, and guys, – Any guy/girl that tells you that Valentines day is all a commercial sham while knowing you love it, really hasn’t thought one second about you. So, I love to cook and anyone that realises that, with their eyes and their heart, will make me melt almost as quickly as the chocolate in this recipe. This is why, with this great holiday just around the corner and my recent lack of posts, I have decided to bake Valentines themed goodies over the coming days in celebration of a day that I love. I hope the recipes to come can bring a rosy smile to someone you love… ♥

This recipe was inspired by the fantastic Phoodie. Their recipe is actually for White Chocolate Cookies and Cream Rocky Road but I decided to alter it a wee bit to make it a bit more Valentine themed by adding pink marshmallows and substituting the Oreos for Jammy Dodgers… Truly irresistible. You can find the original recipe here and my start to end in pictures below… until the next delish production…

white chocolate

Jammy Dodgers

Toasted Coconut


chopped RR

Rocky Road