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‘Hearty’ Beetroot Risotto



Risotto is one of those dishes that takes ages to make but that stirring time is so worth it! I grew up with my dad making the most incredible risottos and for some reason I would always find myself either browning the onions or stirring in the water into the rice… Funnily enough, this recipe doesn’t actually take that long to make. I’m not sure if it is the moisture in the beetroot or the juicy vegetable stock but this recipe just works. It was taken from a handout at Waitrose and I would definitely recommend it this week for a warm and loving dinner with someone special..


– A knob of butter
– 1 onion, finely chopped
– 500ml vegetable stock
– 250g Ready to eat beetroot, rinsed and roughly grated
– 1 large clove of garlic
– 150g Arborio Rice
– 100ml red wine
– 1 heaped tbsp Parmesan cheese, finely grated
– 1/2 a 20g packet of dill leaves chopped
– 50g French Soft Goats Cheese


1. Heat the olive spread in a large saucepan, add the onion and cook gently for 5 minutes until softened.

2. Meanwhile, heat the stock and 100ml water in a small pan with half the grated beetroot. Cover and keep warm.


3. Add the garlic to the onion pan and cook for a further minute, then stir in the rice. Cook for a minute, stirring until the rice is coated in the butter, then pour over the wine and allow it to sizzle and reduce.

4. Gradually add the hot stock, a ladleful at a time. Stir well and allow the stock to be absorbed by the rice before adding the next ladleful. When you’ve added almost all the stock, fold through the rest of the beetroot and continue to cook until you have a soft and creamy risotto.


5. Stir through the parmesan and dill.


6. Divide between two to three plates, top with the goats cheese and a grinding f black pepper and enjoy with a delish glass of red wine… 🙂