Mama’s Meatballs


Growing up I always thought my mama was the best cook out there, and today, I still do. For some reason she was always able to make all our meals delish knowing exactly what spice is needed to make the dish perfect. There are certain meals as a kid that stick in your mind and the taste and texture are so distinct – this recipe is one of those… Enjoy!


– 500g mince meat
– 1 onion, chopped
– 1 egg
– salt & pepper

– olive oil
– plain flour (about a wooden spoon full)
– 1 clove of garlic, crushed
– 1 tin of tomato paste / puree
– 1 tspn sugar
– water

1. Mix the mince, egg, onion, salt & pepper together with your hands until the mixture is combined well.

2. Roll into small balls about the size of a small plum.
3. Fry on a medium heat until cooked through and place aside.
4. In a hot saucepan, add some olive oil and the flour and fry for a few moments.
5. Add the tomato paste, sugar and garlic and stir well.
6. Gradually add water and stir constantly until you are happy with the consistency and thickness of the sauce.
7. Season with salt and pepper.

 NOTE: You need to be really quick with the first few steps of the sauce… it is easy to catch the sauce on the bottom of the pan. 🙂

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