Macarons… Take 1!


Ok… I want to start by saying that macarons are completely and utterly as difficult to make as everyone says they are…. Ok, to be fair, i was missing a few vital components e.g. proper piping… I made macarons with the most incredible lemon filing imaginable! However, the first person to see them told me that; “Those don’t look like macarons”… Typical me got a wee bit emotional about this comment especially because it had taken me the most part of my saturday to make them… Anyway, I was told they tasted delish and I without being bias… i can definitely vouch for that!

I have decided only to post pictures as I am not going to give up on these delicacies… Once I perfect them, I will post the full recipe…

F.Y.I. They cracked a bit on the tops but this is apparently “normal” when first making them as it could be a result of ingredients used or oven types…

I am looking forward to many more encounters with these little bursts of tastebud joy! 🙂

Positively Delish!

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