A special cake for a little friend..


My housemate’s birthday was the other day and i wanted to surprise her with a cake that would make her smile… However, a few obstacles stood in my way as we live together and I wanted to keep this a secret from her. I had seen photo’s of “rainbow cakes” before and had always wanted to make one.. On friday night after work, when M was out I called in the troops (cheese and wine in tow) to help me bake the six brightly coloured layers of a cake that would be rather tall for a rather short girl 🙂 There was a little more thought that needed to go into this cake as M has given up chocolate for Lent and the usual thought for me would be to put delicious layers of chocolate filling between the sponges as she is a chocoholic… Anyway, I decided to use a praline spread from Le Pain Quotedien which she loves as well as the cake filling.

The Cake:

As there are six layers in this cake and time was limited, I ended up buying victoria sponge cake mixture (x3 packets). The sponges turned out lovely. Basically, I prepared them separately mixing up one packet then divided between two bowls equally and mixed in food colouring until i was happy with the colours. NOTE: the colours that the mixture is when you pour into your baking tins are the colours that the sponges will be. Repeat this three times with your various colours.

The Rose Water Butter Icing:

2 1/4 cup (250 g) icing sugar (confectioners sugar)
1 stick (8 tbsp) 4 oz (112 g) softened butter
2 Tablespoons Rose Water Essence
1 tbsp milk

Mix the milk and Rose Water essence together. Add the butter and beat in the icing sugar gradually. I used tripled this recipe and had only a little icing left over.

We all had a good laugh with this cake that turned out to be MUCH taller than expected and leant slightly to the left… My favourite part of the day was the look on M’s face when she started to cut the cake and as she lifted the first piece she asked, “is this a Red Velvet?” when she lifted the piece further and all the colours emerged, everyone’s faces lightened up… This cake is definitely a must!

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