Sneaky Prawn Pasta


I am one of those people who the more hungry i get the more i crave starchy foods… There is nothing quite like a big bowl of pasta to end off a long day…. well, eating the pasta feels good at the time, its afterwards when i feel bloated and super tired that the meal idea doesn’t feel so great anymore…. Anyway, a few weeks ago one of my younger sisters (who always used to choose anything BUT pasta from a menu) shared a great pasta recipe with me.

Although I really love pasta, I know that it doesn’t react to well with my body. Recently, I have been watching my portion sizes especially with starchy foods lately so this is a great recipe that does just that. On this occasion, I decided to only used a bunch of spaghetti about the size of a 5p coin and then top it up with the chopped up chucks of aubergine to add more volume and it really worked. This recipe is adapted from my sisters recipe and I tend to use whatever I have in the fridge so i don’t really have a specific method and set of ingredients but i will do the best i can to explain below.

Bring a pot of salted water to the boil and add your spaghetti. In a heavy based pan, add half a diced onion and a couple of crushed garlic cloves. Add half an aubergine chopped into chunks. Add half a teaspoon of fresh chopped chilli and a couple of handfuls of cherry tomatoes. Add prawns and allow to simmer (do not over cook though). By this time, your pasta should be almost al dente,  drain and toss into the sauce pan and mix with tongs. After a couple of minutes, add a bunch of rocket and toss some more…

Spoon into a bowl and eat immediately! Bon appetit!

NOTE: This recipe makes about two bowls… it is DELISH and really sorts out the pasta  craving! You can use any type of pasta too!

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